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Stefan Donné


‘Family life…’

For a longtime we knew this friendly Belgian retoucher as an active, hardworking guy.

Sports and working as many hours as possible was number one for him.

The pandemic has not only changed his life, like for most of us, but his life was turned upside down in a very nice way. He met his wife just before the start of the pandemic.

She lived abroad with her son, so it wasn’t easy to meet all the time. The pandemic made that worse and caused a lot of stress for them.

Now everything is turned completely, something he could never imagine upfront…

Working from home… Having a family, being a husband and a bonus dad.

As he hopes he will be a good one. Guiding Aleksei through the Dutch culture.

Which is a funny one, as he is Belgian himself.

About cultures. It’s a mix of Belgian, Russian and Dutch.

So they mix them up. And eat mostly from the Meal-Delivery-Service-boxes and of course Russian style. As two of the household are Russian.
This means eating warm lunches and drinking tea with something sweet, after every meal.

Before, food didn’t have his highest priority, as in cooking fresh meals himself.
But now it’s connecting to what matters most. His new family life… They order a Meal Delivery Service, 3 recipes a week, so they can cook together in a fun and easy way. As they have enough on their plate. Learning a new language and adapting a new culture.

It’s a new way of living. Very warm and happy.

As a retoucher, specialised in food images, with 13 years of experience… he is always curious about the new ‘detailed’ techniques and innovation. So during the pandemic he began his journey with self learning the skills of CGI. Intrigued by 3D and its great world of modeling, simulations and photorealistic texturing. It’s a must in retouching, to expand your skills.

He is quite enjoying his new life now.