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Sanne van der Graaf

stylist and owner Ceramic Collected

“f*cking cool”


As a little girl, just 2-years-old, Sanne already seemed pretty much interested in unique flavours at that young age. She was always out for the last sip of coffee of her grandmother, always curious about and focussed on food.  She’d even adored olives…

Not your average flavour to like.


This doesn’t come as a surprise, as she grew up with parents who were very aware of what to eat and therefor were very outspoken about their culinary thoughts.

At the time she was a teenager, her dad bought the first cookbook of Ottolenghi.

Transitioning the family into a new way of eating.He cooked one recipe every day from this book. And Sanne was on his side, being his ‘assistant’ in the kitchen.


As the whole family played tennis, the yearly events were always add with the famous Swedish chocolate cakes of her dad. Something the clubmembers were always looking forward too. Here, his lovely daughter was assisting him too… Of course, a celebration.


And although there were also many times she was embarrassed for ’their lifestyle’
(we won’t make it a fairytale…), now at 28 she thinks it’s “f*cking cool!” (her own words!)…

And she’s delighted she grew up like this. Because it brought her here where she is the most content. Working on food productions with the best crew.


Happy vibes!

rental props and styling, for food photography and film