Breathing Amsterdam,
Rembrandt & delicious cheese...

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY & film for Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam, the Dutch patent-pending cheese brand from the Westland family,
is breathing Amsterdam and the typical light of the Dutch famous painters, Rembrandt, Vermeer en Hals.

Created by the search and research for the best old cheese, full of cheese crystals.
it has been quite a difficult assignment for the family.

Looking for the best taste by their own rules. A cheese with character.

They found the soul of this cheese in Italy, where they are well known in this process.

This way of working is where we recognize ourselves. As we always search for
the best way to create the image we are looking for. 
We don’t choose the easy way.

Light is our specialty, so we can definitely work with the vibe they wanted for their brand.
Our photography and film is mostly in a dark setting, inspired by the Dutch light from the 17th century… 
Where the spotlight is on the subject. The rest fades.

We’ve created a whole range of recipes, food photography and film for POS material, advertisement, TV and  social media.  This identity and character is very nice to work on. As it is about specific light and details and taste. Literally.