Linda van der Heijde


‘We are using our KettlePot much more often now!’

This shining lady is always ‘on the move’. She has many plates spinning, both private and professional.  As it is a bit easier nowadays, privately… Since her two kids, now both, have left home, to live their student life.


We were wondering… Does this changed her cooking habits, now they are with two?


Well, obviously it does. It’s a new chapter, where there is more time together and more space to improvise or make last-minute decisions. Although she’s still not used to the idea of ‘the empty nest’, she slowly enjoys the new chapter.


Being (also) an ambassador for ‘de keuken van Maas’ (the kitchen of Maas, an Amsterdam-based company for ready-made fresh meals), makes it possible to have at least one day per week covered. As she is, besides being our producer, also an ‘one-stop-shop’ for her neighbourhood on Tuesdays. Where she makes  loads of neighbours  happy, because they don’t have to cook that particular day.


It is fun to do and at the same time inspiring to find new recipes. Now, in the new way of living, they order a lovely dinner on Friday’s at local restaurants. To get surprised, to make it easy and yet luxurious, but most important to support the locals.


As life comes more natural than planned, in this way the pandemic is easier to cope with maybe.

Before, she always had Friday evenings with her ‘girls’ and dinners at their place or eating out on Saturdays. As a big group is not allowed anymore, they have these other ideas.


‘A beautiful thing is that we are happy to cook outside, with obviously BBQ’s in summer, but also at cold days we use this ‘Kettle Pot’. It is something we’ve introduced and it is giving us the happy moments. Our unique happenings…’