"closer to nature..."

JUMBO Biologisch

Dutch packaging design agency Guts and Glorious has asked us to take care of a range of designs, photography wise, for the private label of Dutch supermarket chain JUMBO.

A variety of different packaging, from the ‘organic range’ of soups, to the whole new private label coffee section.


To create a whole series is lovely to work on, as we get some freedom to create and put our own vision into it. When an agency is really trusting you, you can get it to a higher level. Because then all the skills come together, and in the end, just making it more appealing. Every assignment and photoshoot, we give more than 100%, to make sure the client is really happy with the result and we are content too.


Photography:  Willem Groeneveld and Didier van der Heijden
Styling:            Sanne van der Graaf
Foodstyling:   Jankees Roggeveen