"a pinch of love"...

JOZO – the mastergrinder

We’re proud of this series as is contains the whole range, photography and film. Stills and movement. Light and ambience. An introduction campaign of the designconcept Jozo as ‘the mastergrinder’ with their quote; ‘a pinch of love’.

Here it is all about how to use the different grinded salts. Each grind and shape has different qualities in terms of taste enhancement, experience and connecting food ingredients. It is our job, to make sure you feel this in the images, especially in the short movie. So it has to have a certain quality you have to deliver and that’s what we love most about our creations. To bring it to another level. To challenge yourself to become better!

Jozo is a dutch brand delivering all sorts of salts for many generations. They needed a rebranding in something which is the bases in our kitchen. How do you make that exciting? Packaging design agency Brandnew created this beautiful packaging and new identity and we were happy to work closely together on this assignment. The result says it all.

Photography / DOP:     Willem Groeneveld
Foodstyling:                  Jankees Roggeveen
Styling:                           Inge Pouw
Retouch:                         Lisette Hesselink / Stefan Donné