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Joe Bosch


‘The Libanese kitchen, the Naked Chef and Vegetable gardening’


Nine thousand miles away from home…
Joe started his new, grown up, life in the Netherlands with his love, where they’ve welcomed
their little girl Olivia not so long ago. We were wondering, why would you swap places from a cosy warm country to this Northern mostly cold flatland? And how can you even cook the traditional ZA-ways in the rain?

Surprisingly finding out that he doesn’t cook the traditional ZA-ways at all, …as it is full of sugar. Mostly every recipe has a spoon of sugar in it, or way more. Not something  which suits him, as they are very aware of healthy cooking. And although they use a South African-way of cooking, the ‘braai’ (read BBQ), frequently in summer. It is much more in ‘a Veggie way’.

Something they don’t dare to speak out loud. As in South Africa, BBQ means meat.

Ssssttt… #pleasedonttell…

‘Starting our lives in Amsterdam learned us many new skills. As in ZA we were not used to sorting out our waste. You actually have to pay for it, if you want to live that eco-friendly.

It is not common.  Luckily here it is, as we are much more aware of the environment, …especially now we have Olivia.’

For Olivia Joe creates vegetable smoothies from their garden,

so she’ll get all the necessary vitamins she needs. He’s taking care of a vegetable garden with Didier (our photographer), as they live in the same city and both became dads quite recently.

So they both can manage a more healthy lifestyle much easier this way.

Creating recipes and new ways of eating was already familiar for him as a kid. While he was very much inspired by ‘the naked-chef ‘Jamie Oliver’ at that time. Cooked lots for his big family, with a professional goal, but decided to call it a quit when he found out it wasn’t maybe ‘his future’.

Joe have always been interested in different cultures and their culinary habits. His all time favourite was a Libanese restaurant in ZA and it still is. The Asian kitchen is also favourite, as it is so diverse. How funny we always have assumptions (read BBQ) and how surprisingly it is when you get to know someone. Joe happens to be a ‘very culinary’ retoucher. So inspiring!