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Jankees Roggeveen

foodstylist and creator

‘Fascinated by craftmanship!’


Sourdough, pottery, permaculture, vegetable gardening, ecological lifestyle and interior design are all words you will find in this inspiring former Chef’s vocabulary.


Fascinated by craftsmanship. Something he wants to fine-tune from the base to the result. Every step needs to work out perfectly. Any, but in particular the process of baking a perfect sourdough-bread, creating pottery or harvest from his own garden.


For eight years already he’s busy creating a vegetable garden (with his neighbour). Trying to create the possibility to harvest from the garden, the whole year round. That’s his dream. Didn’t achieved that yet, but heading towards an accomplishment. From this tidy way of gardening, now they’re trying to create a garden in a ‘permaculture’ way.  Actually it is learning from nature.


So, you can imagine, in this pandemic it is amazing to work on this, and to have this haven. Clearing your mind, being so aware of nature and creating food. The circle round.


…to be continued, this piece is not finished yet.