Fleur Nijhof


‘A new lovely daily routine’

This pandemic has changed things in many ways. But not always bad, sad or negative.
Some things have now way more attention, in a good way…

Before, everything was possible, now it’s different. More focus, what really matters and the little things become bigger.

Fleur has a huge preference for fresh food and everyday a new recipe to cook.

Not ‘new’ in never cooked before, but eating things from yesterday  isn’t a jolly good idea

for her : )

The thing is… it doesn’t have to be a three-course meal, as long as it has the best ingredients possible… An example; bread from her favourite bakery with fresh homemade lentil soup. It’s as joyful as a star-restaurant. And now there’s extra time to cook, there’s also more time to pay attention to details.

New ways of meetings and their rules are sometimes challenging, as she was used to have (small) dinners with her friends, 3 times a week. And now her love moved to the eastside of the country for work, it’s a bit of a juggle. But the positive side of working from home now, it’s easier to make that puzzle. And decide to leave Amsterdam for a few days, instead of only during the weekends. Those days are special, because walks, lunches and preparing dinners together is not just exclusive anymore, but a new lovely daily routine.

So all the choices of cooking, ingredients etc. are now based on her calendar… Balancing between work, friends, her love and family. She can handle it. Food is connecting anyway…