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Didier van der Heijden

photographer and partner

‘food connects and that’s pretty joyful’


Sometimes you enter a phase in your life, where you suddenly grow 10 steps…


This (yes, also) former chef, this very friendly and humble guy, became a dad recently,
which was already beyond his imagination.

Add partnering up with Willem (the founder…) to this…

And you have those 10 steps… The studio (and the mentor) where (from whom) he learned the skills of photography. You can imagine, it’s a lot to process…


So, becoming a dad made him realize especially how he’d grew up.

As a young kid he had to deal with a major loss, but that made him and his family very close.

He remembers really vividly, ‘ the one certainty’ he had in these humbling years…

They always had dinners together, ALWAYS! A safe haven where food was connecting.


At that time it maybe seemed pretty normal, but now it is huge. The solid ground of his life…

As a lot of people realizes later in life. The base of his ‘love for food’, for cooking, but more important for the way food connects people. That makes him the happiest.


And now he’s implementing that into his own family-life-values with his two girls.

Dinners together are VIP, although sometimes it is quite a challenge, as he is late at home,
…in his new role at the studio. Still always wants to cook fresh, as he’s keen on knowing exactly what his daughter is eating. Sharing a vegetable garden together with Joe (our retoucher), in their spare time, is a fun thing to do. We assume they ‘re ‘talking about their daughters, food and work’. Can we join that club?