Yellow, Blue and bananas


At the beginning of 2019, Chiquita asked us to come up with recipes and photography for their website.

As the images would also be posted on their international social media accounts,

we wrote a proposal in which we argued that we should also take care of the lifestyle photography

in order to create a coherent look and feel. Chiquita agreed. And the rest is history.


Chiquita is coming up with the theme’s they’re working on.

And we create the recipes for the international market,

which will be visible at their website and Facebook.


We harked back to old favorites like banana bread and breakfast bowls

but also introduced savory dishes like banana with shrimp and white fish.

As mentioned already, we also create lifestyle-images,

which are quite a challenge, as it’s not allowed to see faces.


And while eating or preparing this product, you have to see the logo sharp.

But we don’t mind challenges. It makes us eager to fix it.

So with inspiring brainstorms and trust we will manage everytime, so far.


Photography: Didier van Heijden

Styling: Sanne van der Graaf

Foodstyling:  Jankees Roggeveen

Producer: Fleur Nijhoff



photography (lifestyle and food) 

recipes for the international market